Cumming GA, 30040​​  

​Serving Cumming GEorgia and Surrounding areas

Terms & Conditions

Rules for your Safety

• When the inflatable is occupied, a responsible adult must supervise children at all times.
• Please do not allow anyone on the inflatable while inflating / deflating.
• Children are not permitted to climb / sit / hang on the inflatable walls.
• Ensure the inflatable is not overcrowded.
• All eyeglasses, shoes, and jewellery must be removed.
• No food or drinks permitted in the inflatable.
• No smoking, fires or grills to be used near the inflatable.
• No pets are allowed in or around the inflatables.
• If your child has a history of back or neck problems, check with your doctor before use of the inflatable.
• Water fights are fun but do not spray water near the electric blower.
• Occasionally check that the inflatable fasteners are still in place.
• If the inflatable fails for whatever reason, evacuate immediately to prevent injury.

Please remember when our products are in your posession they are your responsibility. The customer is liable for any damages or misuse and will be subject to the cost of full repair and / or cleaning charge..